Allium Roseum

All About The Allium Roseum

There are many types of allium plants, but the allium roseum is an ideal plant for a garden for many reasons.  It has small delicate pink flowers and it grows in bunches, which make it ideal for use:

Along the border of a garden

In mass plantings used to cover an area

In pots

The allium roseum also makes a great cut flower and has culinary uses as well.

Growing Tips For Allium Roseum

These plants grow well in the temperate climate of the Northern hemisphere. 



They should be grown in a sunny location and in light sandy soil or medium loamy soil that has good drainage. 

The plants bloom for three weeks in late spring and early summer and they are wonderfully resistant to deer, squirrels, and rabbits.

When planting the allium roseum bulbs, plant them 6 inches deep and 5 inches apart.  They will grow up to 3 inches in height and they have culinary uses. 

Uses For Allium Roseum

The bulbs of the plant can be used as a garlic substitute (an alternative name for the plant is rosy garlic.) 

The greens and the flowers can be added to salads or just eaten raw and have a very mild yet sweet garlicky flavor.

As for other uses, the juice of the allium roseum plant is known to be an effective moth repellent. 

There are no known historical medicinal uses for the allium roseum, although it is a healthy addition to any diet. 

The sulphur compounds in the plant, when eaten regularly, will help lower blood cholesterol and will also improve the digestive system and the circulatory system.

More Planting Tips

It is good to grow the plants in pots, ideally in a greenhouse, during their first year.  You can transplant them to the garden in the early spring. 

When the bunches get big, they can easily be divided at any time of the year and the separated pieces can be immediately planted elsewhere. 

The plants will tolerate temperatures as low as -5 to -10 degrees.

The allium roseum grows well with:





On the other hand, it inhibits the growth of legumes and it cannot be grown successfully with alfalfa as they have negative effects on each other.

So, if you want a versatile plant that looks beautiful and one that can also be used in the kitchen as an addition to culinary dishes, then the allium roseum is the ideal choice.  It is easy to care for, looks amazing, and has health benefits as well.  This makes it as good a plant to grow as herbs and other edible plants and would make a great addition to any garden.



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