Allium Caeruleum

The Allium Caeruleum Plant

The allium caeruleum is also called an ornamental onion. It is a perennial plant that can be used to add a splash of color to any garden area. These plants are deer resistant and they can be used for bouquets and cut flowers. They can grow in all types of soil and can tolerate most soil conditions. The allium caeruleum produces beautiful blooms in the late spring.

This plant can grow up to 2 feet tall in height and it has long green stems that are grass like. The blooms appear on the top of these stems and they are round shaped flowers. Many tiny separate blooms form in a round cluster, to make a complete flower. But perhaps the most impressive thing about this flower is the color it produces. The allium caeruleum can either be a lighter blue to dark purple color, depending on the plant and this bright color can enhance any garden area.

This plant is easy to grow and can live through most winters. It can tolerate temperatures that go below zero and come back in the spring looking just as good. But there are a few good ways to keep your allium caeruleum plant healthy and thriving.

Instead of planting the bulb directly into the garden, start the bulbs indoors and allow the plant to grow at least a few inches tall before planting it in the garden. Use smaller yogurt cups or Dixie cups and fill them half way with soil. Make sure that you place holes on the bottom of the small containers to let the excess water escape. Place a bulb into each cup and lightly dust them with soil so that they are barely buried. Keep these containers in a sunny area and make sure you water them frequently. When the plants reach 4 to 5 inches in height, you can place them outdoors in full sunlight during the day. Bring them in at night and repeat this process for 4 days. You can now plant the new ornamental onion plants in the garden area.

Make sure to space the plants at least 10 inches apart from each other. The long grass like stems fills in quickly and can take over an area in no time. When you place the new plants in the soil it will seem like the garden area is a bit bare. But be patient and allow the plants to grow and fill in. If you do over plant, you will eventually have to remove a few of the plants.

Any new or young plant has a delicate root system, so it is a good idea to elevate the area where you will be placing the plant. For example, if you are planting only one plant, place it on a slight hill. If you plan on planting more than a few, use the raised bed method and prepare elevated rows to place the plants in. This way the water will flow away from the roots. You should water the new plants thoroughly twice a week and never let the soil become sandy or dry. You can ease up on the watering when the plant matures and cut back down to once a week.

Place these plants in an area that has direct sunlight. It needs at least 6 hours a day to be healthy, so avoid planting it around any other plants or flowers that will eventually become bigger than the allium caeruleum. Flowering types of plants always need extra sunshine because it keeps the foliage and blooms colorful and even helps to produce more flowers.




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